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The Screen Guide

A coming of age drama told from the point of view of a 27 year-old imaginary friend who lives in an isolated town with his female creator, Charlie. They’ve been best friends their whole lives and the relationship has always been completely platonic. But when Charlie begins to fall for a real man, the imaginary friend realises he’s in love with her. He sets about trying to win her for himself, but it’s obvious that he can’t compete in the real world. He must become real himself. He tests out his boundaries, tries moving objects and learns that he can channel energy when he becomes emotional. But as he moves closer and closer to becoming real he pushes the girl he loves further away. Talking to someone others can’t see has always caused her to be outcast. The imaginary friend realises that she can’t grow up while he is around. If you love something, you have to let it go and he must learn to stand on his own two feet.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Tony Prescott
James Raue  Tony Prescott
Dinusha Ratnaweera  Tony Prescott
Executive Producers
Samantha Jennings  Kristina Ceyton
Dir. of Photography
Robert C. Morton
Darren Lim
Laurence van Camp
Production Designer
Bethany Ryan
Geraldine Hakewill - Michael Whalley - David Field - Benedict Wall
Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Imaginary Friend Film Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Bonsai Films Pty Ltd

Selected Awards & Festivals