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A group of mismatched voyagers join forces to sail into uncharted waters in search of the legend of Treasure Island. When our modern castaways are flung ashore they discover that the Island is populated by a number of warring tribes, the result of shipwrecks throughout the centuries. Stranded in a hostile tropical environment our modern children have only one thing in their favour: their knowledge of the 20th century.

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This title is part of a series
The Search for Treasure Island

Series listing
The Search for Treasure Island 1 series
The Search for Treasure Island 2 1999


Robert Klenner  Howard Rubie
David Phillips  Robert (Bob) Loader
Executive Producers
Andrew Brooke  Roger Mirams
Dir. of Photography
Russell Bacon
Pippa Anderson  Simon James
Production Designer
Tony Raes


Enrique Neant - Jan Wachtel - Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson - Brittany Byrnes - Daniel Guia - Daniel Kellie - Tanya Lawson - Scott Swalwell - Shane Briant - Tim Elliot - Jacek Koman - Kim Lewis - Tiriel Mora - Scott McGregor - Henry Szeps - Anna Volska - Peter Talmacs - Ken Senga - Bunny Gibson

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
Grundy Television Pty Ltd


International Sales
FremantleMedia Netherlands