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In 1978, Jimmy Graham, 34 years old, happily married and father of two scored his dream job with Operation Deepfreeze - training NASA astronauts in survival skills in Antarctica. He left in December of that year. Three months later he arrived back agitated and paranoid. He said that he had been out on a snowcat and had stumbled onto an illegal nuclear dump and that the CIA had given him a chemical lobotomy. Jimmy rapidly descended into schizophrenia. For almost three decades his family were convinced that something had happened on that white continent.

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Juliet Lamont
Juliet Lamont
Rachel Landers  Dylan Blowen
Dir. of Photography
Rachel Landers
No cast details
Production Completion
History and national identity
Production Company
Pony Films Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Pony Films Pty Ltd
International Sales
Pony Films Pty Ltd