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The Screen Guide

Paraplegic prison inmate, Matt Mills, finds himself as Subject 21 at an experimental facility, where The Board thanks him for 'volunteering' to take part in an experiment, which will allow him to walk again, but just as he agrees, he is injected with an unknown substance and suffocated. Mills wakes up to find he is alive and alone in an unlit steel cell – the first 'spoke' of The Wheel … and with the use of his legs restored! Isolated and freezing, Mills is part of the Future Soldier Initiative (FSI), and his life becomes a battleground, as a series of assailants inflict a cruel multitude of damage to his new body, yet inexplicably each time Mills’ body recovers; he becomes stronger – the fabricated serum running hot through his veins. Conducting the experiment from within a hidden control room, are Dr. Emmett Snyder and Dr. Allison Turner. Mills' ordeal is unbearable but his determination to escape and reunite with his daughter becomes stronger with every brutal trial. The experiment is designed to kill but Mills is designed to survive. Turner has a change of heart at the barbarity of what they are doing and sets in motion their escape. Breaking through each spoke, they battle militant lab assistants and a deranged Snyder. Turner lies dying in the wounded arms of Mills, his blood drips onto her pale skin. And with their bodies restored they manage to break loose, leaving Snyder behind to become the next 'lab rat' tested on The Wheel. Can they really ever escape from the F.S.I and get to Mills’ daughter before The Board finds her first?

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Dee McLachlan
James S. Abrams
Veronica Sive  Silvio Salom
Executive Producers
Brian Gersh  Silvio Salom
Dir. of Photography
Garry Richards
Grant McLachlan
Sean Lahiff
Production Designer
Robert Webb


David Arquette - Jackson Gallagher - Kendal Rae

Production Details

Production Completion
Action adventure, Sci-Fi
Production Company
The Wheel Production Pty Ltd