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Based on the book CRIMSON LAKE by best-selling crime writer Candice Fox. When an ex-cop falsely accused of a disturbing crime escapes to the tropics of Far North Queensland, he finds himself entangled in a newly-formed PI agency run by an eccentric ex-con who served ten years for murder. By-the-book Ted Conkaffey and human whirlwind Amanda Pharrell mix like oil and water, and yet, as they set about unravelling the truth behind the strange death of a local inhabitant, a partnership which seemed doom from the outset slowly begins to take on another dimension - and in the process, both wayward souls are offered a chance at redemption.

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Troppo series 1
Thomas Jane - Nicole Chamoun
Production Completion
Crime, Drama
Production Company
Perpetual Entertainment  Troppo Productions Pty Ltd  Beyond Entertainment Pty Limited
Australian Sales
AGC Studios
International Sales
Leonine Studios

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Screen News

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