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The Screen Guide

In this brand new original format, Hamish and Andy sit down with everyday Aussies who recount their hilarious true stories. Some of Australia’s best known actors then come together to recreate the amazing tales of these ordinary people in a most extraordinary piece of television.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Sian Davies  Wayne Hope  Tim Bartley
Hamish Blake  Andy Lee  Ryan Shelton
Andrew Walker  Tim Bartley  Andy Lee  Ryan Shelton
Executive Producers
Greg Sitch  Tim Bartley  Andy Lee
Dir. of Photography:
Matthew Temple
Ian Carmichael
Production Designer:
Ben Morieson
Hamish Blake - Andy Lee - Craig Mclachlan - Kat Stewart - Mick Molloy - Kitty Flanagan - Madeleine West - Ryan Shelton - John Wood - Glenn Robbins - Emily Taheny - Fiona Choi - James Saunders - Stephen Curry - Darren Gilshenan - Mandy Mcelhinney - Madeleine Jevic - Erryn Nundle - Joel Granger - Louise Siversen - Damien Garvey - Gregory J Fryer - Megan Wilding - Richard Davies - Syd Brisbane - Christian Manon - Diana Glenn - Helen Dallimore - John Leary - Shareena Clanton - Genevieve Morris - Luke Mcgregor - Phil Lloyd - Gyton Grantley - Katie Robertson - Jane Hall - Dave Lawson - Heidi Arena - John Batchelor - David Roberts - Julie Nihill - Rafferty Grierson - Finn Scicluna-O'Prey
Production Completion Date
Production Company
Radio Karate ST Holdings  St Productions Pty Ltd