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In a time when Western culture has lost its sense of transcendence, dramatic rituals celebrating the turning of the seasons, and the mysteries of sex, death and human existence, provide deeply meaningful experiences to Pagans in Australia. However, there are substantial challenges in applying nature-based religions that developed in the Northern Hemisphere. Australia is a vast continent with distinctly different seasons and ecosystems to the northern hemisphere. It is Aboriginal sacred country and some Elders believe that certain Pagan ritual practices can disrupt the song lines. In UNDER A PAGAN SKY, experience the private rituals and celebrations of Australians recreating Pagan traditions for the southern hemisphere. Together they face the seasonal challenges and spiritual boundaries of nature worship in a vast continent, at a crucial time in environmental history.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Helen Browning
James Bradley  Helen Browning
Executive Producers
Rachel Clements
Dir. of Photography
Tim Alewood
Damh the Bard  Wendy Rule  Kacey Stephensen
Helen Browning
Damh the Bard - Julie Brett - Mara Carter - Douglas Ezzy - Bilawara Lee - Lisa-Jane Mason - Tim OzPagan - Adrienne Piggott - Akira Prior - Kacey Stephensen - Caroline Tully -
Production Completion
Art and culture, Religion and ethics
Production Company
Helen Anne Browning
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Selected Awards & Festivals

  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival Inc