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The Screen Guide

Inspired by Runer Jonsson books, VIC THE VIKING is the story of a little boy who, despite his diminutive size and sensitive nature, is an ingenious, extremely astute boy. The son of Halvar the Viking chief, Vic often accompanies the crew on sea voyages aboard their drakkar. Regularly involved in perilous situations, the vikings spontaneously try to settle their problems by the use of force. Vic, however, prefers peaceful solutions and relies on brainpower. Courageous and clever, he untangles the most complicated situations thanks to the clever idea that he sees appear when he rubs his nose.

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Kirstie Hutton - Peter Callan - Jane U'Brien - Paul Davies - David Callan - Cameron Ralph

Production Details

Production Completion
Australia/France Co-Production
Production Company
ASE Studios Pty Limited