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Nikheel Katira is a gifted Indian-Australian nurse working at Wakefield - a psychiatric hospital in the haunting and majestic Blue Mountains. In the first episode, a series of events trigger song-stickage in Nik and he begins to unravel. The question is: why? This is the psychological mystery that drives eight compelling episodes. A long-repressed trauma from Nik’s past is coming back, whether he likes it or not. A rich ensemble of staff and patients surround him, each with their own desires, stories, and emotional baggage. Wakefield is an intriguing puzzle set in the hidden world of mental illness. It explores the fine line between sanity and madness, between humour and pathos, bringing Nik to a shattering emotional reckoning - and the audience to a deeper understanding and compassion.

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Rudi Dharmalingam - Geraldine Hakewill - Mandy McElhinney
Production Completion
Drama, Mystery
Production Company
Jungle Entertainment Pty Ltd
International Sales
BBC Worldwide

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