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The Screen Guide

In an age of darkness, without law and order, where people live in fear of one another, an age where the strong reign supreme and the weak wither and decay into the fade. An adventurer named Gideon sets out on a journey into the ruined lands of Velanthra, He seeks to uncover the secrets of a once mighty and powerful kingdom. Through his travels he meets an unlikely companion, a savage girl named Nahla, They become tied by fate and choose to embark on this dangerous quest together, Gideon using his farmhand skills and Nahla embracing the warrior inside overcome unspeakable odds to discover the dark secrets of Velanthra, secrets which were better left forgotten, secrets which could one day, change the fate of the world....

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Aron Giagu
Aron Giagu
Aron Giagu  Nick Berry-Smith
Executive Producers
Pavlos Giagu  Aron Giagu
Dir. of Photography
Nick Berry-Smith
Tass Giagu
Marc Clement - Erin Moran - Dylan Hoggett - Pavlos Giagu - Aron Giagu - Conrad Kouts - Hjalmer Marteinsson - Matt Basso - David Daradan - Stefanie Rossi - Tim Hawkins - Megan Donald - Kate Bonney - James McClusky-Garcia - Thomas Parker - Ella Fenwick - Brendan Cooney - Kate Van Der Horst - Madeleine Herd - Stephen Paul Queen -
Production Completion
Production Company
New Blood Studios
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