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In 1996 The High Court of Australia granted native title co-existence rights to the Wik Peoples of Cape York. The “Wik Decision” should have been a catalyst for positive change, but instead sparked a national cultural and political fallout. With unique access to never-before screened footage of a young Noel Pearson and Marcia Langton, this uncompromising feature documentary forensically explores the racism, fearmongering and political manoeuvring that occurred in the lead up to the case, and its aftermath. Told from the very personal Wik Peoples' perspective, Wik vs Queensland causes us to question who we are as a nation today.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson
Helen Morrison
Executive Producers
Trish Lake
Fiona Wirrer-Eorge Ochunyung (Traditional Owner) - Noel Earson - Phyllis Unkaporta (Traditional Owner) - Kerry O’Brien - Marcia Angton AM - Senator Patrick Dodson - James Fitzgerald - Peter Yu - Keri Tamwoy (Traditional Owner) - Walter Sofranoff QC - Frankie Deemal - Adrian Duffy QC - Philip Hunter - Peter Sutton - Janine Chevathun (Traditional Owner) - Maree Kalkeeyorta (Traditional Owner) - Todd Condie -
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