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Kat, aged 15, begins the adventure of her life when she discovers that she can 'mind meld' with Garang, a ferocious female tiger that prowls the Big Cat Enclosure at the City Zoo. At a time when Kat is struggling to reconcile with her estranged mother Erica the last thing she needs is for her younger brother Jamie to believe that she is turning into a 'were-tiger' out of Asian mythology. Kat and Garang unwittingly attract the interest of Dr Angela Raushark, an eminent biologist, who is secretly mapping genetic mutations around the world to use them for her own purposes.

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Pia Prendiville - Paris Abbott - Nicolette Findlay - Marta Kazmarek - Michael Muntz - Daniel de Paris - Luke Pegler - Karin Hampton - Ewen Leslie

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Barron Television Ltd