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Zeke Palmer is not your ordinary 14-year-old. He's a talented artist with a special gift: his electronic drawing pad that somehow brings what he draws to life! Zeke also has a weird and seriously wacky family who constantly get in the way of Zeke's plans. Thanks to them, try as he might, Zeke just can't seem to master his own life. So he uses his pad to make things more fun, more sane, more exciting or more whatever he thinks of that day. The trouble is that Zeke always goes with the first impulse that enters his head, for a short while he prevails but then... things always go crazy!

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Michael Adamthwaite - Tabitha St. Germain - Trevor Devall - Tim Hamaguchi - Chiara Zanni

Production Details

Production Completion
Australia/Canada Co-Production
Production Company
ASE Studios Pty Limited  My Pad Productions Inc


International Sales
EM.Entertainment GmbH