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Conflict of interest

Identifying and dealing with conflicts of interest is an integral part of establishing an ethical culture at Screen Australia. Screen Australia recognises that individuals hold a range of legitimate interests outside the immediate workplace.

It is the responsibility of Employees and Contractors to ensure that these interests do not create a conflict of interest or a perception of a conflict of interest.

Two important points underlying this policy are as follows:

  • If you are unsure whether there is a conflict of interest, it is in all instances preferable to declare it. This will protect you, the organisation and the public.
  • When considering whether a conflict of interest exists, consider the situation from the standpoint of an outsider. If it is likely that a reasonable outsider would consider that a conflict exists, you should act as though a conflict does exist.

It is Screen Australia policy that all Employees and Contractors must remain independent, impartial and unbiased when performing their duties. To ensure that the community perceives you as impartial, effective and fair, you must ensure that your interests and obligations do not conflict, and do not appear to conflict, with your responsibilities as an Employee or Contractor. Your interests may be of a personal or financial nature, and may extend to interests of persons related or associated with you. It is for this reason that this policy refers to Associated Entities. You must disclose any conflict of interest in a timely way and take reasonable action as directed by Screen Australia to deal with any conflict. Disclosing a possible conflict as soon as you become aware of it means that the issue can be dealt with at an early stage and you are not exposed to criticism or disciplinary action.

Each Employee and Contractor is required to familiarise themselves with, and act in accordance with, the contents of this policy. This policy should be read in conjunction with other relevant Screen Australia policies and requirements, including those relating to disclosure of gifts and hospitality and to the use of confidential information.