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About the data

Audience value segments

Research into lifestyle, behaviour, attitudes and values (known as psychographics) provides a way of grouping and analysing audiences other than by demographic variables such as age or where they live.

There are many psychographic systems, including the ‘values segments’ developed by Roy Morgan Research.

Based on responses to the company’s surveys, Roy Morgan Values Segments has identified ten groups or segments within Australia and categorises respondents accordingly. Each segment is defined by combining answers to questions ranging from issues of religion, the role of women and life goals to attitudes towards new things. The size of the segments change as values shift.

Roy Morgan surveys over 1,000 people each week as a part of its lifestyle study. Surveying is done constantly, on a three-month rolling basis. The analysis published on Screen Australia’s Industry Statistics pages is based on rolling data over calendar years 2006 to 2023. Data for 2023 draws from a final sample of 40,552 surveys.

More information is available on the Roy Morgan website.