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Australian feature films
duration of shoot and post-production

films shot 1998/99–2014/15, by budget range (2015 dollars)

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The average production period for Australian features is just under 50 weeks: approximately eight weeks of shooting followed by about 40 weeks of post-production. Films in higher-budget ranges tend to have longer shoot and post-production periods than lower-budget films. The more-than-$20 million category includes the animated features Happy Feet, Happy Feet Two and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, with total production durations of around two to three years each. Features in the less-than-$1 million category also tend to have longer shoot and post-production periods due to the stop-and-start nature of low-budget filmmaking.

Average duration (weeks)
Principal photography Post-production Total duration
All films 521 8.3 38.2 46.5
Budget range1
Less than $1m 110 8.3 44.8 52.9
$1–3m 149 6.2 36.5 42.7
$3–6m 101 6.9 34.1 41.1
$6–10m 86 7.8 34.8 42.6
$10–20m 44 10.3 35.1 45.4
More than $20m 31 22.3 50.7 73.0

Source: Screen Australia.

Productions under Australian creative control, including domestic productions, official co-productions and other productions involving shared creative control, i.e. with a mix of Australians in key creative positions.
1. Adjusted using the non-farm GDP deflator; base year 2014/15.