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Series and serials

Number, total production budgets (current dollars*) and hours of adult series and serials shot 1990/91–2019/20

Next update December 2021

The production of Australian TV drama series and serials, made for general audience viewing, has been comparatively stable over the last 30 years, with only the last decade showing a slight decline in numbers, hours and budgets.

1990s - an average of 18 titles were made annually, generating an average of 522 hours of content. The average cost of an Australian series or serial in this period was $7.34 million, or $288,000 per hour.

2000s - the average number of titles remained the same as the previous decade, with average hours falling to 479. The average cost rose to $7.83 million per title, or $294,000 per hour.

2010s - this past decade saw the average number of titles made each year fall to 15, with an average of 304 hours. The average cost fell to $6.93 million, however the average cost per hour rose to $341,000.

An average of one foreign TV drama series or serial has been shot in Australia since 1990/91. Due to the small sample size, they are not included in the table below. For foreign TV drama figures see: All TV drama formats.

In 2019/20, there were 11 Australian series and serials made for general TV audiences, generating 293 hours of content with budgets of $102 million, or $350,000 per hour.  All metrics were down on the previous year, largely as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic that saw production activity in Australia come to a halt in March 2020.