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Screen currency:
valuing our screen industry

The sharing of stories is a uniquely human characteristic and is common across all nations and cultures. From a very young age we instinctively turn to stories, to imagine worlds outside our own experience, in order to learn, grow, enjoy and innovate. And screens – large and small – are increasingly the dominant way that we share stories.

Our screen stories give us a safe place from which to experience what it might be like to be a WW1 soldier on the front line at Gallipoli, or an Aboriginal child forcibly removed from her mother in the 1930s outback. They entertain us and they give us a way to come together to explore difficult subjects: to look at things from different points of view and to share understandings of our histories, the complexities of the modern world and the futures that may await us.

For more than 50 years the Australian Government – like the governments of many countries around the world – has been committed to ensuring that Australians have the benefit of seeing their own stories and hearing their own voices on television, at the cinema, and increasingly, on the screens they carry around in their pockets. This commitment comes in the form of direct support for projects, talent and businesses through State and Federal screen agencies, through tax incentives that encourage local production, through the national broadcasters and through content and expenditure requirements on commercial and subscription television.

But what have these 50-plus years delivered to Australian taxpayers and audiences, and how do we know that it’s working? Screen Australia has engaged two companies to measure the value of our screen stories. Deloitte Access Economics and Olsberg SPI have drawn on new and existing data, surveys and a range of measurement techniques to present a comprehensive analysis of the economic and cultural benefits of the Australian screen production sector.

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