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In the archive
Australian content on television

These pages are no longer updated by Screen Australia. Use with caution as methodologies may have changed and revisions may have occurred.

Australian content released on subscription TV

TV drama releases, 1995-2006
Feature film releases, 1995-2006
Short film releases, 1995-2006 
For recent and ongoing statistics on Australian content released on free-to-air TV, see Drama releases and Documentary releases.

Prices paid for overseas sales of projects financed by the Film Finance Corporation (FFC)

Telemovies 1998-2006
Mini-series 1998-2006
Telemovies and mini-series 2003-2007
Children's mini-series 1998-2006
Documentaries 1998–2007
Documentary investment 1991-2008
Recoupment of FFC investment in feature films, TV drama and documentaries, 1996/97-2005/06

Top Australian programs on free-to-air TV to 2009

Top movies each year
Top movies of all time
Top telemovies each year
Top mini-series each year
Top mini-series of all time
Top drama series each year 2004-2009
Top comedy series each year 2004-2009
Top drama and comedy series each year 1998-2003
Top animated programs
Top documentaries
For recent and ongoing statistics see Top drama titles and Top documentary titles.

Australian documentaries released on television

First-release free-to-air Australian documentaries

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Notes on the archived ratings data