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Australian content on television

Number of Australian feature films released on subscription TV in Australia, 1995–2006

The introduction of subscription TV to Australia in 1995 provided another mode of TV release for Australian productions. In the 12 years 1995–2006, an average of 43 Australian feature films (including co-productions) per year screened for the first time on subscription TV. Up until 2004, many of these features had already screened on free-to-air TV, but this is changing, with most Australian features now debuting on subscription TV.

Initially subscription TV channels screened features from the back catalogue, as well as new releases. This would account for the decline of first-release features on subscription TV between 1995 and 2006. The number of first-release features available to screen on subscription TV is now likely to be more in line with the number of Australian features made each year.

For ongoing data on free-to-air TV, see Feature films on TV.

No. Australian feature films released on free-to-air TV compared to subscription TV

Graph: No. Australian features on free-to-air TV compared to subscription TV in Australia. The table following provides the data  for subscription TV until 2006.
  Subscription TV1
Total 1995–20062 517
Annual av. 1995–2006 43
Annual averages
1995–1999 54
2000–2004 42
2005 21
2006 16

Source: Compiled by Screen Australia.

Includes Australian productions, and co-productions with overseas partners.
Based on first recorded screening.
1. Feature films screened for the first time on subscription TV may have already screened on free-to-air TV. Due to the difficulty of tracking, subscription TV numbers may be understated.
2. Includes one feature where the exact date of the release is not known.