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Australian content
Video releases

Number of Australian feature films released on video (DVD and VHS) in Australia, 1985–2016

Next update April 2018

An average of 30 Australian feature films (including co-productions) have been released for the first time on video each year since 1985, initially on VHS, with DVD releases starting in the late 1990s. In 2007, VHS ceased to be a release format for Australian films.

A substantial number of back catalogue titles have also been released on DVD, with 178 titles from the mid-1990s or earlier released in this format between 1998 and 2006, although this is now tapering off. These are not included in the figures below.

The first Blu-ray release of an Australian film occurred in 2008. Increasingly, Australian films are being released on Blu-ray as well as DVD, especially large- and medium-budget productions, and a small number of back catalogue titles have been re-released on Blu-ray. These also are not included in the figures below.

Total video1
Total 1985–2016 951
Annual av. 1985–2016 30
Annual averages
1985–1989 42
1990–1994 21
1995–1999 27
2000–2004 20
2005–2009 26
2010 26
2011 49
2012 32
2013 43
2014 43
2015 38
2016 29

Source: Compiled by Screen Australia.

Includes Australian productions, official co-productions and other productions with overseas partners where creative control is shared (i.e. with a mix of Australians in key creative positions).
First releases only.
Includes VHS releases from 1985 until the end of 2006, and DVD releases from 1998.
1. Includes eight VHS releases and one DVD release where the exact date of release is not known.