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REtail video sales

movies on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS, Share of total retail sales by classification, 2002–2017

Next update April 2019

On average, around 60 per cent of the value of all movies sold on DVD and 80 per cent of those on Blu-ray is generated by titles classified for people aged 15 years or over. The leading classification for both DVD and Blu-ray titles is M15+, with 37.6 per cent and 49.0 per cent respectively in 2017.

This data applies to retail product only, whereas the archived data on Video product by classification to 2008/09 from the Classification Board and Classification Review Board (formerly the Office of Film and Literature Classification) covers all titles submitted for classification.

The emerging high-definition Blu-ray format was included for the first time in 2008 when it accounted for around 2 per cent of total value and 1 per cent of units sold. In 2016, Blu-ray accounted for 20.2 per cent of total value and 17.0 per cent of units sold.

VHS sales are no longer taken into account.