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Dynamic Television Scripted Initiative

Success in the international marketplace is vital for the sustainability of the Australian television industry. Screen Australia and Los Angeles-based television company, Dynamic Television, will co- fund development on up to four scripted television projects throughout 2024/25, with the aim of positioning them for greater international success as the projects prepare to go into production 

Dynamic Television are a production, financing and distribution company with a global strategy to bring premium television programming to worldwide audiences. Their most recent Australian title was Savage River.

Dynamic Television are excited to work with collaborative and experienced producers to develop serialised or procedural drama series. Dynamic Television look for high concept or unique ideas with memorable, iconic characters and strong story engines. They also like to develop from well- known IP to help engage a global audience. But what they like to develop more than anything, are stories that make you feel.

What funding is available?

  • One project will be selected from each of the four rounds. Applicants can apply with a total development budget of up to $100,000 (to which Screen Australia will contribute 50% and Dynamic Television the remaining 50%). Dynamic Television will have first look to attach as international distributor, under terms to be negotiated.
  • Funding is for development costs. The development budget can include late-stage funding such as funding for writers’ rooms, further drafts and script/scene breakdowns. 
  • Screen Australia will only fund Australian creatives and Australian costs of the development budget.
  • Dynamic will work closely with the successful applicants, providing feedback on materials to ensure the projects are ready for the international market.


Applications for this initiative are open to anyone who:

  • meets all the requirements and conditions in our Terms of Trade
  • is an Australian production company (Pty Ltd)
  • has a one-hour per episode television drama project, that has at least a pilot script and a series outline. Projects must be unencumbered* by market attachments or development deals, with a minimum of one producer and one writer attached.
  • *Unencumbered should be taken to mean the applicant maintains full creative and financial control of their project. No rights can have been assigned, no future development agreements, or production or broadcast agreements, can have been entered into. The project may have received previous development investment but the applicant must continue to hold all the rights as at the time of application to the Dynamic Television Scripted Initiative.
  • Crime, suspense, thriller, family, dramedies, and romance genres are all welcomed.
  • Please note that each production company can only apply with one project per round.
  • It is Screen Australia’s expectation that applications for direct funding will demonstrate that the project is written and directed by Australian citizens or permanent residents.

How and when can I  apply?

Applications are now open and can be made through Screen Australia’s application portal with the following materials:

  • Pilot script and series outlines;
  • CVs for all creatives attached;
  • A development plan (2 pages maximum);
  • A ‘Market Feedback’ statement outlining any market partners the project has been pitched to, with responses noted;
  • An itemised development budget with a total of no more than $100,000 for the current stage of development.
  • Note: Funding can only be provided towards future costs, not costs already incurred.
  • You can apply for development costs under $100,000 if the full amount offered is not required.
  • Screen Australia and Dynamic TV reserve the right to approve a lesser amount for the successful application at their discretion.

If you have access requirements that make it difficult for you to submit your application in the requested format or if you require other adjustments to be made, please email [email protected] for the program you are applying to, or call 1800 507 901, so we can assist.

There will be four rounds throughout 2024/25. Applications must be submitted by 5pm AEDT/AEST on the published deadline date.

After two unsuccessful applications within the Dynamic Television Scripted Initiative, a project is no longer eligible to apply for the fund. However, the same applicant company may apply with a different project.

First Nations Content, Collaboration and Participation

Screen Australia supports the telling of First Nations stories by First Nations creatives and storytellers and/or meaningful collaboration with the First Nations communities to which these stories belong.

Whenever there is First Nations content and/or First Nations community participation in the project, or when there are First Nations members of the team who do not have the authority to speak for the people or place being represented in the story, you will need to follow the checklists from Pathways & Protocols: a film maker’s guide to working with Indigenous people, culture and concepts.

The checklists include a statement on how you are approaching the First Nations content, (even if you believe the content is not specific to a community or individual), evidence of your collaboration to date and where relevant, signed letters of consent confirming the community and/or individual’s willingness to collaborate.

Inclusive Storytelling

Gender equity, diversity and inclusivity are priorities for Screen Australia. 

We therefore expect that the diversity of the story world and characters are reflected in the creative team and IP of the project and/or that integrated and meaningful collaboration occurs from early stages of development. 

Also, consider whether your team has the right to tell the story and whether your telling of it will be authentic.

How are applications assessed?

Screen Australia’s Program Operations team will review each application to ensure eligibility and that required application materials have been provided. Once confirmed, the applicant will receive an email advising that their application has moved to assessment and an estimated timeframe of the outcome.

Applications will be assessed by Screen Australia executives and Dynamic Television executives against the following criteria:

  • The strength of the story and the creative materials, and the development plan;
  • The capacity and experience of the team;
  • The global appeal of the project;
  • The extent to which elements of the project reflect gender equity and/or the diversity of people and experiences from around Australia;

All projects involving First Nations content or participation will be assessed with First Nations assessors.

Applicants will be advised of the outcome approximately eight weeks after the published deadline date.

Terms of funding

Successful projects will enter into a development agreement between Screen Australia, Dynamic Television and the production company. 

  • Dynamic Television will then have first right of refusal to distribute the TV series.
  • If Dynamic Television does not take up the option to distribute the program, their portion of development funding will be repayable on the first day of production. If they do take the rights, their portion will be treated as the first drawdown of their distribution advance – the terms of any distribution agreement will be negotiated in good faith directly with Dynamic Television.
  • The Screen Australia portion will be a recoupable grant, repayable on the first day of production, as per Screen Australia’s Development funding streams. 

Screen Australia and Dynamic Television acknowledge and appreciate the effort that goes into applications, but given the volume of applications, will not be able to provide individual feedback on each application.

If you are unsure about your eligibility or have questions about the application form, please email us at [email protected] or call Program Operations on 1800 507 901.Please note that we are not able to provide creative advice or suggestions to strengthen your application.

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