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Find out what the top-rating Australian TV dramas were across the free-to-air networks in 2015.

1. Catching Milat (Seven)

Averaged 2.467 million viewers across the 2 episodes (metro + regional)*

This true story of the investigation that leads to the arrest of Ivan Milat details Detective Paul Gordon’s struggle to find the killer – and then convince his bosses he is on the right track.

2. Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (Seven)

Averaged 2.2 million viewers across the 2 episodes (metro + regional)**

A story about a boy from the bush whose talent, determination and drive made him Hollywood royalty and an international household name. Peter Allen’s life was fast and furious, he left an indelible mark and Peter Allen – Not the Boy Next Door – aims to do the same.

3. House of Hancock (Nine)

Averaged 2.2 million viewers across the 2 episodes (metro + regional)***

A sweeping saga of empires rising and falling as the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, fights to maintain and expand the mining dynasty left to her by her father, whilst her children sue her for their share of the multi-billion dollar inheritance.

4. The Doctor Blake Mysteries series 3 (ABC)

Averaged 1.6 million viewers (metro + regional)****

Doctor Lucien Blake returns to Ballarat to once again solve a series of strange and baffling murders, only to find change is afoot, nothing is sacred, and no one is safe.

5. Winter (Seven)

Averaged 1.6 million viewers (metro + regional)*****

A six-part thriller TV series based on the telemovie The Killing Field.

And honourable mentions go to…

The Water Diviner was the number 1 feature film on Australian TV in 2015, averaging 1.6 million viewers (metro + regional)******

A Place to Call Home series 3 was a standout performer on subscription television, averaging more than 215,000 viewers across its first release 20:30 episodes on SoHo.*******

Source: OzTAM and RegionalTAM, 5-city-metro, combined markets, total people, consolidated
*Metro viewers = 1.656 million.
**Metro viewers = 1.5 million.
***Metro viewers = 1.6 million.
****Metro viewers = 1.1 million.
*****Metro viewers = 1.1 million.
******As at Nov 30 2015. Metro viewers = 1 million.
*******Source: OzTAM, NationalSTV, total people, consolidated, average of first release 20:30 episodes on SoHo. Excludes simulcast viewings from premiere episode on TV Hits and Fox Classics and viewings from +2 channels)

Metropolitan data is copyright to OzTAM and Regional data is copyright to RegionalTAM and may not be reproduced, published or communicated in whole or part without the prior consent of OzTAM or RegionalTAM.

Australian productions are defined as productions under Australian creative control, including domestic productions, official co-productions and other productions involving shared creative control, i.e. with a mix of Australians in key creative positions.