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What it takes to be in the stunt business

Professionals break down the anatomy of a stunt plus give their insights.

Stunt coordinator Tony Lynch, and professional stunt performers Timothy Parsons and Marlee Barber speak to Screen News about the state of the industry.

Over his 20-plus years in the industry and experience on titles like Mission Impossible II, The Wolverine and Mad Max: Fury Road, Lynch says the nature of the work hasn’t changed.

“It’s things blowing up and things flying through the air,” Lynch says.

“It’s still perceived to be a wild and reckless profession – it’s not.

“A hell of a lot of pre production goes into it.”

Stunt performer Timothy Parsons (Blue Murder: Killer Cop, The Code) says it’s a close-knit industry.

“I don’t think there are more than 200 people in the stunt industry in Australia,” Timothy says. “We all know each other.”

Stunt performer Marlee Barber (Gods of Egypt, Secret City) says Aussies have a great reputation.

“Australians are known for having a wide range of skills,” Marlee says.

Content warning: please be advised that this video includes footage of stunts being performed that some may find confronting.

Thanks to Stunt Gym Brookvale, Live Athletic, Fin Design + Effects, Nash Edgerton, Tony Lynch, Timothy Parsons and Marlee Barber.

Featured titles: Mad Max, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hacksaw Ridge, Skinford, Spider, Lucky, Bear, RackaRacka, Cleverman, Gods of Egypt VFX breakdown, Red Meat, Secret City and Son of a Gun.