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Aaron 'gocsy' Gocs takes over Screen News

Five-part web series Gocsy's Classics is hitting Comedy Central and to celebrate, Gocsy gets all nostalgic with his Top 10 Aussie TV shows.

Hi, I'm Aaron 'gocsy' Gocs and I’m running you through some of the Aussie TV shows that influenced me.

1. Heartbreak High

One of my absolute favourites. Life as a 90s Australian teen in a nutshell – except for the no school uniform part. And intense issues they had to deal with.

2. Full Frontal

Brilliant sketch comedy, excellently written and a wonderful cast – as proved by the successful careers that Eric Bana, Shaun Micallef and a few others went on to have. This was my first viewing of quality comedy at a young age.

3. Blue Heelers

Mt Thomas sure did have a crime problem for a supposedly small bush town.

4. Round the Twist

A brilliant show, very early 90s vibe, classic Paul Jennings crazy stories.

5. Ship to Shore

It all started with that theme, and catching up with the schemes that the kids would be involved in each week with Hermes Endakis on their case.

6. Vidiot

Early 90s ABC gameshow, loved watching the older teen pop culture as i was a youngster.

7. Hey Hey It's Saturday

Things were different back then, families would gather round the TV of a saturday night and catch up with the gang – Daryl, Dickie, Wilbur, Russell and who could forget grumpy old Red Symons in charge of the gong on red faces.

8. Hey Dad!

We tuned in every week to see the antics in the Kelly household, whether it be Betty misplacing her words or Nudge and Arthur infuriating Mr Kelly.

9. Life Support

Hilarious parody of TV DIY shows. This showed me humour can come in dark forms and still get a laugh.

10. Skills in Time

Hilarious Brisbane comedy troupe – inspired me to try to seek a comedy career when everything else in Brisbane was so dim.

See Gocsy bring back some of his favourite 90s TV on Gocsy's Classics – available now on comedycentral.com.au and Comedy Central Fetch TV Channel 108.