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Crikey! Top Aussie crocs from film & TV

Never smile at a crocodile... except when looking at these GIFs.

One of the places you might actually be able to find more crocs than the cover of NT News is on Australian screens. Crocs are particularly synoymous with our country thanks to film & TV, and two larger-than-life Aussies in it.

Namely, this guy.

Crocodile Dundee

And this guy.

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Most people think of crocs and automatically assume they're out stalking some hapless humans like a reptilian Jaws.

Black Water

I mean, sure, sometimes they're scary. Like this one in Dark Age taking a chomp out of a boat.

Dark Age

Or this one in Rogue taking a chomp out of a guy. 


But crocs aren't always the villain. Remember in Crocodile Dundee when that tourist was having a friendly game of tug 'o' war with an old crocodile (and holding her own!). 

Crocodile Dundee

Or this croc, who threw his very own solo dance party.


And like Mick Dundee said, crocs are our mates.

It's just that sometimes they get hangry.

Blinky Bill the Movie

Ok, ok. Enough jokes. Let's be real here, people.

Here's a serious croc moment from Black As,  showing us what do in that typical Aussie scenario - you know the one, how you go to put a load of washing on and there's a baby crocodile lurking by the machine?......

No? Anyone? #straya

Black As

Ah, crocs. We tip our hats to you - the real stars of the screen.

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

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