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G'Day USA: Bruna Papandrea accepts Outstanding Achievement in Film & TV Award

"Let your challenges be your superpower not your weakness."

At the G'Day USA Gala in LA on 27 January 2018, producer Bruna Papandrea was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Film and Television Award.

Bruna has produced titles like the multi-award-winning Big Little Lies and worldwide hit Gone Girl.

In her acceptance speech, Bruna thanked her mum, Maria, for empowering her to believe that anything is possible.

"Despite our economic circumstances, my mother always made us feel like our future was limitless," Bruna said.

"While coming from very little can seem like a liability to some people, it can also be used as a

"It certainly gave me incredible drive and the fearlessness to take big risks.

"To this day it continues to give me the confidence to be guided by my passion and creativity, and not the prospect of economic reward."

Bruna also said that the film and TV industry needs to continue to work at being inclusive.

"For our girls especially, [we must] tell stories where they can see women reflected in every way.

"The commitment that I make is that women can tell any story they want, behind, or in front, of the camera."