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Making Peter Rabbit: Animal Logic

VFX Supervisor Will Reichelt and CEO Zareh Nalbandian on the complexities of live-action/animated filmmaking.

VFX supervisor Will Reichelt explains what his role entailed on Peter Rabbit and how he worked with director Will Gluck, the actors and crew to help bring the blockbuster to life.

He and Peter Rabbit producer and Animal Logic CEO Zareh Nalbandian also talk about the challenges of making a live-action/animation hybrid and how technology they developed on features such as The LEGO Movie informs their work now.

Peter Rabbit needed a lot of great invention to figure out how to best make a live-action hybrid film versus a straight animation,” Nalbandian says.

“Computer-generated animation doesn’t make a hybrid easier.”

See Peter Rabbit, which is distributed by Sony Pictures, in cinemas from 22 March 2018.