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All about trailers

Learn the dos and don’ts of making a trailer, and watch a breakdown of the True History of the Kelly Gang trailer.

In this two-part series, The Solid State founder and creative director Walter Bienz discusses what makes a good trailer, when they are made and the creative traps to avoid.

Bienz, whose company The Solid State has made trailers for films such as Ride Like A Girl and TV series Wake in Fright, and in Part 1 lists some of the classic mistakes people make with trailers, such as telling too much of the story of the film.

In Part 2 Bienz talks through the trailer they cut for the Stan original feature True History of the Kelly Gang – explaining its four-act structure, terms like ‘button’, and what line of Russell Crowe’s dialogue they were happy they managed to include.

Watch True History of the Kelly Gang on Stan now.