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Applications open: Temporary Interruption Fund

The $50 million Temporary Interruption Fund (TIF) has opened.

Made available by the Australian Government and administered by Screen Australia, the fund seeks to provide support for new local productions that have been halted by insurers not providing coverage for COVID-19.

The TIF will provide coverage to film and television productions for specific events relating to COVID-19 that could occur in Australia during the last two weeks of pre-production and the period of principal photography. The fund will support new productions that will be filming in 2020/21 financial year and have not yet commenced principal photography.

Screen Australia’s total maximum liability under the TIF for a production will be capped at 60% of the total budget, or $4 million, whichever is less. An applicant can agree with Screen Australia for coverage at a lesser amount than the capped amount. Screen Australia will not commit more than $50 million of TIF coverage to productions at any moment in time.

Productions eligible for the TIF include:

  • feature films, drama series, documentary series or single episode programs that will be made in Australia and have passed the Significant Australian Content test or are an Official Co-production, as evidenced at the time of application by
  • a provisional certificate for the Producer Offset; or
  • a provisional Official Co-production approval,

           issued by Screen Australia, OR

  • entertainment or reality series made in Australia that Screen Australia deems capable of passing the Significant Australian Content test based on the information provided in the application form.

Support through the TIF will be available to productions regardless of whether or not they have separately received direct Screen Australia production funding.

The fund will operate alongside market-based risk minimisation practices. The applicant company must have “Film Producers Indemnity” (FPI) insurance covering named individuals from an approved insurer.

Applications for the TIF are open until 28 May 2021 unless funding is exhausted prior.

For eligibility requirements and how to apply see the Guideline here

For enquiries email TIF