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Authentic Storytelling

Hear from writers, directors and producers pushing for change in the Australian screen industry.

In this series, members of the Australian screen sector share their thoughts on why authenticity is important, challenges they have faced, and how the industry can do better. 

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Adrian Russell Wills: Do You

Finding your voice and being authentically you despite the pressure to conform.

Ana Tiwary: How Authenticity Can Thrive in the Screen Community

Authenticity is a journey not a destination. It needs awareness combined with action at every stage from idea to distribution. To facilitate this we need to create certain conditions.

Rhapsody of Love cast and crew

First Day: A Case Study

Writer, director and producer Julie Kalceff on authentic casting, working with communities and learnings from First Day.

Johanna Garvin: When Support and Opportunity Collide

Writer/director Johanna Garvin reflects on the impact of leadership on sets such as Penguin Bloom and her own film Rocky & Me.

Kodie Bedford: Breaking Down Characters and Worlds

Questions for writers to ask to get to the heart of characters and create an authentic world.

Martine Delaney: Walking the Talk

As an ageing emerging creative, and trans advocate, screen storytelling without throwing away your advocacy hat provides some challenges.

First Day S2

Santilla Chingaipe: The Path to Achieve On-and-Off Screen Diversity

Writer and director Santilla Chingaipe wants the support she’s received in her career to become the norm rather than the exception.

Oliver Ross: Challenges and Opportunities for Trans Creatives

From casting to the pressures of visibility, Oliver Ross hopes to open up discussions around the experiences of trans and gender diverse creatives.

In addition, the following feature articles provide insights through case studies of Australian television:

The Collaborative Nature of Grace Beside Me

Four years after the launch of NITV/ABC kids’ series Grace Beside Me, producers Dena Curtis and Lois Randall look back on what made the popular series work.

The Empowering Approach to Making All My Friends are Racist

The key creatives behind All My Friends Are Racist talk about the authorship that ensured a comedy like no other.

Jake Duczynski: Amplifying Community Voices Through Animation

Cooked co-writer/director Jake Duczynski on his journey from aspiring tattoo artist to now, and his goal to upskill the next generation of First Nations animators.

Cooked, Jake Duczynski

Raising the bar for The Heights

The Heights showrunner and co-creator Warren Clarke on making a show that reflected Australian audiences on-screen and off.