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Podcast – Building sustainable screen careers below-the-line

Learn more about the new below-the-line training and professional development initiative Screen Careers.

 Denise Eriksen, Ken Crouch

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There are hundreds of potential roles in below-the-line production, says Denise Eriksen, Head of Training and Programmes of the newly launched Screen Careers industry development initiative. As the possibilities and opportunities continue to grow in an expanding screen sector, it’s critical that below-the-line – or BTL – crews are able to grow alongside it. And for Eriksen, that lies in career development and professional training.

“You’ve got to think about yourself as a multi-faceted business and you're a small business. […] There's not a culture in the below-the-line people thinking like lawyers or something [in regards to career progression],” she says. “We have to train ourselves and we have to inculcate that culture of wanting to learn more as you progress through your career.”

In the latest episode of the Screen Australia podcast, she’s joined by Ken Crouch, Screen Australia’s Head of Industry Development.

Throughout the podcast, Denise and Ken share their insight into the below-the-line sector, and discuss the challenges facing below-the-line workers, the role of training in developing the screen industry, and the resources and opportunities available to BTL crew to build responsive and sustainable careers. Eriksen shares the philosophy and development of Screen Careers, alongside details of their industry-led programming, while Crouch identifies the challenges for BTL practitioners and insight into the role of professional development within the industry.

“Because they're going from gig to gig, there's not really anyone looking out for their lifelong or continuing professional development. People are moving in and out of different roles and even across different industries as well, so because of that, we are seeing the workforce kind of expanding. As it expands, it needs to respond to what is happening in the industry and across the sector, but also, we need to respond to where we're seeing the gaps and where local producers are experiencing challenges when it comes to filling roles as well,” Crouch says. “For our sector to be successful, it's really important that we are investing in the workforce for the continued growth of our industry. And the workforce that drives our industry is our below-the-line crew.”

  • For more information about the programs and initiatives on offer through Screen Careers, head to their website.
  • More information about the programs and initiatives on offer through Screen Australia’s BTL Industry Development is available here.

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