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Tag: SA funded

    • The evolution of Jack Irish

      Producer Ian Collie looks at how Jack Irish has evolved as Guy Pearce’s private eye shifts from telemovies to his own ABC TV series.

      17 Feb 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Aunty Donna 1999 - Episode 1

      An absurdist sketch web series loosely following a professional business in the lead up to New Year’s Eve 2000, as the employees prepare for the dreaded and unfathomable Y2K.

      11 Feb 2016
      By Screen Australia
    • Music and memories: Molly

      Producer John Molloy talks about tapping into the nation’s nostalgia with Channel 7’s new miniseries Molly.

      10 Feb 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Wanted: fast cars, guns and the Bechdel Test

      Written and wrapped at breakneck speed, script producer Timothy Hobart talks about the ride that has been Wanted and why we need more shows like it.

      09 Feb 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Biopics: The big TV trend

      When Molly airs, it will kick off another year of miniseries based on the lives of Australian personalities – a trend that isn’t showing signs of slowing.

      03 Feb 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca

      Here’s a dozen times Australian locations became their own pivotal characters in television.

      25 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Cleverman off to Berlinale

      Epic genre series Cleverman is selected for Berlinale, not only commending the quality of Indigenous storytelling, but changing attitudes toward television too.

      24 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Wizards and the web

      A new generation of Aussies are flocking to the web to create fearless, gut-busting comedy, and grabbing the attention of decision-makers and fans alike.

      20 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Coming soon: Bloodlands

      Upcoming Aussie horror flick, Bloodlands is set in Albania and it’s about blood feuds, witches and coming-of-age. We chat to director Steven Kastrissios, whose last feature was his 2009 debut, The Horseman.

      20 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • A Footscray fantasy

      YouTube star Michael Shanks has taken the leap to television with his pop-culture infused comedy The Wizards of Aus, and talks everything from orcs to an Australian Hot Fuzz.

      13 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Tragedy + time = comedy

      Ben Law’s memoir is the basis for new TV series, The Family Law, which follows 14-year-old Ben over one particular summer when his parents separate.

      13 Jan 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Sucker’s con men and card tricks

      Comedian Lawrence Leung has turned his one man show, Sucker, into a feature film starring YouTube sensation John Luc and veteran actor Timothy Spall.

      13 Jan 2016
      By Screen Australia