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HAPPY FEET is set deep in Antarctica. Into the land of the Emperor penguins where each needs a heartsong to attract a soul mate, a penguin is born who cannot sing. Our hero Mumble, son of Memphis and Norma Jean, is the worst singer in the world… however, as it happens, he is a brilliant tap dancer! The story of a misfit who finds a beat all his own, HAPPY FEET is a toe-tapping comedy-adventure for all ages.


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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Features the voices of Elijah Wood - Robin Williams - Brittany Murphy - Hugh Jackman - Nicole Kidman - Hugo Weaving - Anthony LaPaglia - The film also features the tap dancing of Savion Glover
Production Completion Date
Production Company
Animal Logic  Kennedy Miller
Australian Sales
Village Roadshow Pictures
International Sales
Warner Bros Pictures, a Warner Bros Entertainment Company
Theatrical release
2006/11/16 (Israel)
2006/11/16 (Malaysia)
2006/11/16 (Thailand)
2006/11/17 (United States)
2006/11/22 (Philippines)
2006/11/23 (Singapore)
2006/11/24 (Brazil)
2006/11/24 (Colombia)
2006/11/30 (Armenia)
2006/11/30 (Chile)
2006/11/30 (Germany)
2006/11/30 (Portugal)
2006/12/01 (Austria)
2006/12/01 (Italy)
2006/12/01 (Norway)
2006/12/01 (Poland)
2006/12/01 (South Africa)
2006/12/02 (Argentina)
2006/12/05 (Spain)
2006/12/06 (Belgium)
2006/12/06 (France)
2006/12/06 (Netherlands)
2006/12/06 (Switzerland)
2006/12/08 (Denmark)
2006/12/08 (Finland)
2006/12/08 (Mexico)
2006/12/08 (Panama)
2006/12/08 (Sweden)
2006/12/08 (United Kingdom)
2006/12/14 (Greece)
2006/12/15 (Latvia)
2006/12/20 (Indonesia)
2006/12/20 (Kuwait)
2006/12/21 (Hong Kong)
2006/12/21 (Hungary)
2006/12/22 (Bulgaria)
2006/12/22 (Estonia)
2006/12/22 (Venezuela)
2006/12/26 (Australia)
TV release
2009/03/28 (Australia)
Online release
2005/01/01 (Australia)
Video release
2007/04/26 (Australia)

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