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It’s been said that “well-behaved women seldom make history”, but the handful of white boys who wrote our History books conveniently left out most of them out. Whoops! To rectify this situation, twenty something sisters Hannah and Eliza are setting out to revive the forgotten stories of the badass sheilas of Australian History. In each episode we focus in on one particular Sheila, transport you to the time they lived and the obstacles they faced by having inferior anatomy. We’ll show you how these ladies put their middle finger up to social norms and made their own mark on the path to equality. The series takes these women’s stories and transforms them into a modern blend of information and entertainment that inspires young people (and the young at heart) with tales of the daring, pioneering, tough-titted ladies who hiked up their petticoats and fly-kicked down the doors of opportunity for modern Australia.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Hannah Reilly  Eliza Reilly
Hannah Reilly  Eliza Reilly
Nikita Agzarian
Executive Producers
Julian Morrow
Animation Director
Doug Bain
Dir. of Photography
Miles Bense
Kate Deegan
Production Designer
Karla Milat
Cecilia Morrow - James Maclurcan - Anthony Gooley - James Von Wilson - Henry Stone - Jason Kos - Ezekiel Simat - Kahlil Barnett - Davis Jenson - Nikki Britton - Kate Box - Kate Worsley - Carlo Ritchie - Zoe Norton Lodge - Brenna Harding - Jenna Owen - Gareth Davies - Jeremy Waters - Skyler Ellis - David Collins - Eddie sharp - Clinton Haines - Rob Johnson - Megan Wilding - Colin Kinchela - Christian Van Vuuren - William Erimya - Nat Jobe - Adam Rennie - Mark Sutton
Production Completion
Production Company
Giant Dwarf Sheilas Pty Ltd
Sales information not available

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