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Gail, Cynthia, Julie and Kay are sexy, black, young and talented – and they’ve never set foot outside Australia. Until, in the chaos of 1968, they’re plucked from the obscurity of a remote Aboriginal mission, branded as Australia’s answer to The Supremes, and – grasping the chance of a lifetime – dropped into the jungles of Vietnam to entertain the troops. Inspired by the hit stage-play of the same name.


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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Wayne Blair
Tony Briggs  Keith Thompson
Writer of original material
Tony Briggs
Rosemary Blight  Kylie du Fresne
Executive Producers
Ben Grant  Tristan Whalley  Bob Weinstein  Harvey Weinstein  Lee Soon Kie
Dir. of Photography
Warwick Thornton
Dany Cooper
Deborah Mailman - Jessica Mauboy - Shari Sebbens - Miranda Tapsell - Chris O'Dowd
Production Completion
Comedy, Musical
Production Company
Goalpost Pictures Australia Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Entertainment One/Hopscotch Films
International Sales
Goalpost Film

Screen Australia Supported

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