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Twelve ordinary people are selected for jury duty in a murder trial as traumatising as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing her sister’s child. Behind the fa̧cade of their anonymity, these twelve ordinary people bring with them their own histories. Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma and prejudice. Through the multiple lenses of these jurors, we see the fragility and imbalances of the law, and the chaotic and flawed way we attempt to determine justice in our society.

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The Twelve series 1
The Twelve series 2 2024
Sam Neill - Marta Dusseldorp - Kate Mulvany - Brooke Satchwell - Hazem Shammas - Brendan Cowell - Pallavi Sharda - Ngali Shaw - Catherine Van-Davies - Bishanyia Vincent - Damien Strouthos - Nic Cassim - Daniel Mitchell - Gennie Nevinson - Toby Blome - Warren Lee - Susan Kennedy - Jenni Baird - Matt Noble - Silvia Colloca - Coco Jack Gillies - Ben Mingay - Hamish Michael - Louisa Mignone
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The Twelve: behind the scenes

Set up director Daniel Nettheim discusses set design and diversity in casting for the new crime drama series The Twelve.

23 Jun 2022
By Matthew Jenkin
Mystery Road S2: scene breakdown