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The Twelve: behind the scenes

Set up director Daniel Nettheim discusses set design and diversity in casting for the new crime drama series The Twelve.

Based on the hit Belgian series, The Twelve is a crime drama series that explores more than just a thrilling murder case. It’s an exploration of contemporary life in Sydney and the people who reside there.

For set up director Daniel Nettheim, ensuring the cast was from a diverse background was essential.

“The theory behind casting the jury was sort of along the lines of, what does it feel like if you get on a bus in any part of Sydney and you sit down with twelve other strangers, who are they? What do they look like?” Nettheim says.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Nettheim also explains the process to designing the court room, the lighting style and how they changed the costume design as the court case progressed toward its dramatic conclusion.

The Twelve is currently airing and can be streamed on Foxtel now.