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About the data

Media participation rates

Roy Morgan Single Source is an Australia-wide survey conducted across both regional and metropolitan areas. The survey involves asking all questions of all respondents. There are three components to the survey:

  • Establishment survey − over 50,000 face-to-face interviews are conducted nationally with people aged 14 years and over.
  • Product self-completion diary − approximately 20,000 responses nationally. Provides enriched detail of purchase and consumption habits, service provider preferences, purchase intentions, attitudes, recreation and leisure activities.
  • Media self-completion diary − approximately 20,000 responses nationally. Used to record detailed media consumption, including internet activities and website visitation. Respondents are recruited using a stratified random sampling methodology. Only one person is interviewed per household and interviews are conducted on Saturday or Sunday (9am–6pm) across 48 weeks of the year. A new sample is interviewed each week.

The Single Source is weighted monthly using population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Labour Force Survey. The data is first cell-weighted by geography (capital city and remainder of the state or territory divisions), age (14–24, 25–34, 35–49, 50–64, 65+) and gender. It is then rim-weighted by more detailed geographical areas (60 smaller mutually exclusive regions) and age groupings (aged 14–17 and 18 years and above).

Participation rates represent the proportion of people who participate in activities, defined as follows:

  • Television − watched any free-to-air television or subscription television in the last seven days
  • Cinema − been to the cinema or drive-in in the last four weeks
  • Video (DVD, Blu-ray etc) − rented or bought a video in the last three months
  • Console games − played games on a console at home in the last three months or used a console to play online in the last four weeks
  • Social media − activities done online via mobile phone or personal computer in the last four weeks: read or added to newspaper or someone else’s online journal or blog, created or managed own online journal or blog, viewed/contributed to online forums, visited social networking such as Facebook or Myspace or visited a chat room
  • Streaming and downloading of online video − downloaded clips, podcasts, television programs or feature-length movies, or streamed television or video via mobile phone or personal computer in the last four weeks.

For more information about Roy Morgan Single Source, see www.roymorgan.com/products/single-source/