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Number, total production budgets (current dollars*) and hours of telemovies shot 1990/91–2018/19

Next update March 2021

Foreign telemovie production in Australia remained relatively steady during the 1990s, averaging four titles per year with average budgets of $18 million ($32 million in 2018 dollars).

In 2000/01 there was a significant increase in foreign telemovie activity, with 13 titles and total budgets of $118 million ($195 million in 2018 dollars) shooting in Australia. Some of this increase was probably influenced by the threat of industry strike action in the US, which saw several US productions accelerating their schedules to ensure completion before the strike began. While eight foreign titles were shot in Australia in 2002/03 and one in 2003/04, this dropped off dramatically with no foreign titles shot here for the rest of the decade (to 2009/10). Three foreign telemovies were shot in Australia in the nine years up to 2018/19.

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