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Number, total production budgets (current dollars*) and hours of telemovies shot 1990/91–2019/20

Next update December 2021

With each passing decade, the average number of Australian telemovies, made for general audience viewing, has fallen. In 2019/20, there were no telemovies - Australian or foreign - produced in this country.

1990s - an average of nine Australian telemovies were shot each year, generating an average of 15 hours of content. The average cost of an Australian telemovie in this period was $1.79 million, or $1.13 million per hour.

2000s - the average number of titles fell to six per year, with average hours falling to nine. The average cost rose to $2.55 million per title, or $1.66 million per hour.

2010s - while the first half of the decade remained relatively consistent,  the second half saw a rapid decline in the production of Australian telemovies. The decade closed with an average of five titles per year, generating an average of seven hours of content. The average cost per title rose to $2.80 million, or $1.77 million per hour. 

Sixty-five foreign telemovies have been shot in Australia since 1990/91, averaging two each year. Production peaked in 2000/01 with 13 titles, a probable consequence of industrial action in the US, which saw several US productions accelerating their schedules to ensure completion before the strike began. 

There have been no foreign telemovies shot in Australia since 2012/13. Due to the small sample size, foreign telemovies are not included in the table below. For foreign TV drama figures see: All TV drama formats.

For a list of telemovies shot in Australia since 1990/91, see Titles produced.