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MobiDocs to screen at the Portable Film Festival

Five short 'made for mobile' films produced as a co-production of Screen Australia (under predecessor Film Australia) and the National Film Board of Canada have been selected to screen in competition at the 2008 Portable Film Festival.

Films from the Mobidocs series have featured previously at the Toronto International Film Festival, the MIPCOM Mobile and Internet TV Awards and are currently screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Marree Man (p: Jeni McMahon, d: David Batty) tells the mysterious story of the world’s largest land drawing; URNT4ME (p: Peter Butt, d: Tania Yuki) takes a look at the ‘textiquette’ of modern love; Truth (p: Lea Marin, Silva Basmajian, d: Hubert Davis) explores the disconnection between two people; I’ve Never Had Sex (p: Lea Marin, Silva Basmajian, d: Robert Kennedy) asks how much are you prepared to reveal of your sex life; and Away (p: Lea Marin, d: Peter Mettler) reflects on the dichotomy of nature versus technology. MobiDocs executive producers are Anna Grieve (Screen Australia) and Silva Basmajian (National Film Board of Canada).

The Portable Film Festival is an international festival of short film and user-created content, delivered completely online and distributed through portable video devices such as iPods, mobile phones and laptops. The 2008 program commences on 1 August and contains over 150 films, music videos, animations, online serials and feature films from all over the world. The festival promotes the free movement of content from digital and analogue spaces to offline, with winners voted online by audiences. Voting closes 31 August.

Visit the festival website for more information.

2 mins 1 sec
Rebel Films
Producer Jeni McMahon
Director David Batty
Category Selection Short Film
Synopsis Discovered in 1988, Marree Man in Central Australia is the largest land drawing in the world. But no one knows who created it … or do they?

2 mins 16 sec
Producer Peter Butt
Director Tania Yuki
Category Selection Short Film
Synopsis SMS is quick, easy, sometimes sexy and always to the point. But it is also the modern, surgical way to dump a lover. Mobile-savvy singles reveal their views on the ‘textiquette’ of modern love.

1 min 38 sec
Producers Lea Marin, Silva Basmajian
Director Hubert Davis
Category Selection Short Film
Synopsis We only confess the truth when the past catches up with us. Truth, by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hubert Davis, is about the disconnection between two people who once knew each other intimately.

1 min 30 sec
Producers Lea Marin, Silva Basmajian
Director Robert Kennedy
Category Selection First Hand Capture
Synopsis How much are you prepared to reveal? Based upon the arcade game of the same name in which participants are required to either agree or disagree with the proposition: “I've Never Had Sex...".

2 min 41 sec
Producer Lea Marin
Director Peter Mettler
Category Selection First Hand Capture
Synopsis Can you break your attachment to the modern world? Set to a series of breathtaking images shot while on location in Costa Rica, award-winning filmmaker Peter Mettler reflects on the dichotomy of nature versus technology.