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Part 7: chookas

You know it’s bad luck to say good luck, right?

We hope this guide proves useful to help get your Aussie creativity to an audience. Being able to market your own work is an invaluable skill and will serve you well throughout your career. When you consider some of our industry’s most well-known creatives, they are also masters of marketing (Baz Luhrmann!) – the business side of the industry is your business.

Get the most out of Screen Australia

If you’ve never worked with Screen Australia before, here are three things you should do right now:

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  • Subscribe to our newsletter: Every fortnight we announce what funding is available, who has received funding and general industry news. Subscribe here.
  • Research our funding: We have been funding online content for years directly and through joint initiatives like ABC Fresh Blood and Google Skip Ahead. You’ll find all the online opportunities in the production funding section. You should also look into development funding which is money to help develop scripts and concepts. Browse here and if you have any questions give us a call on 1800 213 681. Don’t forget your local screen authorities also fund content e.g. Film Victoria.

If you have obtained Screen Australia funding, you will have received an email from our Communications team at the time of funding approval. Remember to keep us up to date on your project, including your communications plans.

We look forward to enjoying your online original!

This guide is aimed at Australian online creators and is for educational purposes only, and does not replace professional advice. The guide cannot be replicated without written permission.