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Tis the season for Aussie holiday GIF(T)S

In the spirit of Aussie summer holidays, we've packaged you up some festive GIF(t)s. You're welcome.

What’s this, then? Summer’s here?!

Black Comedy

That means school’s out...

Little Lunch

And some of our favourite past-times are around the corner, including (but not limited to):


Activewear by SkitBox


Here Come the Habibs

accidental cardio…

Puberty Blues

More Eating…

Ripper Aussie Summer by Aunty Donna


A Moody Christmas

Did we say eating?

Please Like Me

backyard cricket…

Jasper Jones

And competitive slip ‘n’ slide…

Upper Middle Bogan

gift-giving to family, friends, and that random You Picked For Secret Santa…

The Castle

Trying to keep the peace with the relos…

The Family Law

And Christmas (for some)

The Katering Show

Here’s to summer! Soak it up while it lasts!

Looking for Alibrandi

Also check out these titles and more at The Screen Guide, Australia’s own IMdB, where you can find out where to stream, rent or buy your favourite Aussie film and TV.

Now just remember to play nice...

The Difference Between Wogs & Aussies: CHRISTMAS by Superwog

And watch your diction...

Kim's Baby Cheeses statue, from Kath & Kim.

Happy Holidays from Screen Australia!