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Making it in Hollywood

So you’re an Aussie actor with dreams of Hollywood stardom?

Maybe you’re still in high school or drama school or you’ve landed a role on Neighbours or Home and Away and see this as your path to becoming the next Chris Hemsworth or Margot Robbie? Slow down! While there has never been a better time for Australian talent to get cast in a US or international project, what happens on the way there?

How will you get a visa? How do you balance working from home and auditioning abroad? Where will you stay? Do you need a manager or an agent? Should you go for pilot season or move to LA permanently? And what gives you an edge once you get in the room with a casting director for auditions?

In our Making It series, we talk to four actors who’ve successfully transitioned into working actors in Hollywood to get their insight into the administrative, technical and business realities they dealt with along the way.

Jenny Cooney is a LA-based, Australian journalist with over 30 years’ experience covering entertainment. Cooney is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and is the host of the podcast Aussies in Hollywood available on iTunes and Podcast One.