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Update regarding second seasons

Screen Australia has updated its guidelines for Drama and Children’s Programs to make clear when the agency will consider investing in second seasons for television.

Historically, Screen Australia has prioritised funding new television works. Exceptions have been made for titles of significant cultural value, most recently including Bluey, Mystery Road, The Letdown and The Family Law. Exceptions have also been made for series that delivered significant commercial returns to the wider industry through their continuation, such as Doctor Doctor and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Typically investments in subsequent series have been much less than for the originating series.

Today’s guideline update formalises the existing approach, including:

  • Funding new intellectual property will be prioritised i.e. first series of new shows.
  • Applications for second series of Indigenous and children’s television will be considered.
  • Other factors may also result in a second series being funded, including the first season having attracted considerable audience demand (e.g. ratings), critical acclaim and/or international festival/market attention. Also, if there is proof that continuing into a second season will likely increase sales of the first season and thus stimulate production activity more broadly.
  • Investment in second series will typically be capped at $500,000.
  • It is unlikely Screen Australia will invest in any television program beyond a second season.

This clarification is specific to narrative (drama) content for television. No change has been made to the documentary guidelines or to online narrative (drama) guidelines.

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