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Podcast – Distribution 101

An introduction to understanding the world of distribution.

2040, Anthony Grundy, I Am Woman

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What does a distributor do? What is an exhibitor? What is P&A and why is it important?

All these questions and more are covered on this episode of the Screen Australia podcast with Distribution Manager Anthony Grundy, who provides an introduction into distribution in Australia and how it works.

During the podcast Grundy reveals his thoughts on the challenges in the distribution landscape and dispels his advice for Australian filmmakers, as well as talking through the roles of distributors (e.g. Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures) and exhibitors (e.g. Hoyts, Event, Dendy, Palace). He also talks to the self-distribution model, which includes methods such as renting cinema screens to play their film or community-organised Cinema on Demand screenings (Cinema on Demand isn’t talked about specifically in this episode, however it is also a platform used by films that have a traditional distributor e.g. That Sugar Film).

To learn more about some of the terms discussed in the podcast and the process of financing and then releasing a feature film, visit the Recoupment vs Profit Guide here

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