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Podcast – Barbara Stephen: Flying Bark and Australian animation

Flying Bark Productions Managing Director Barbara Stephen talks 100% Wolf, working across 2D and 3D, and how the animation industry has changed.

Spliced image of Barbara Stephen between 100% Wolf and Maya the Bee100% Wolf, Barbara Stephen, Maya the Bee

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When Barbara Stephen first started working in animation at Ambience Entertainment, it was to gain experience in producing longer form stories – and she never looked back.

“I got to meet a lot of great young artists and I realised that they were my people and I really enjoyed the process,” she says on the latest episode of the Screen Australia podcast.

Stephen is now Managing Director of Flying Bark Productions, which has produced animated 3D features such as Maya the Bee, Blinky Bill and most recently the feature film 100% Wolf (available to rent via iTunes and more now), which is also being turned into a TV series set to air on the ABC.

Throughout the episode, Stephen also talks to the benefits of the Flying Bark business being a part of Belgium company Studio 100; developing original IP while also working for clients such as Nickelodeon and LEGO; as well as some of the similarities and differences with live action – from development, scripting, finding the right actors, and the crossover of roles like Director of Photography.

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