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Ding Dong I'm Gay: behind the scenes

Creator, co-producer, co-writer and leading actor Tim Spencer discusses the ins and outs of making the first season of the new digital series, Ding Dong I'm Gay.

Tim Spencer tried many, many times with his collaborators, Joshua Longhurst (director) and Rosie Braye (producer) to get Ding Dong I’m Gay into production.

“We went through a lot of pitching programs and competitions and a lot of avenues that [were] available at that time to get ideas off the ground. And we were rejected from all of them!”

Instead, the team decided to make a low-budget pilot episode on their own and find an audience on YouTube. So far it has amassed 2.9 million views.

With proof there was an audience for their characters and story, the team set about getting a six part season off the ground.

Now with that first season launching, Spencer explains the perils of shooting in wet weather, the challenges he had to overcome in sharing his personal stories on screen and how this process can feel like he’s coming out again.

Ding Dong I'm Gay is available to watch now on YouTube