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Articles by Matthew Jenkin

    • Clean - behind the scenes

      Director Lachlan McLeod discusses documenting the life and work of trauma cleaner Sandra Pankhurst in the feature documentary, Clean.

      26 Sep 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone – behind the scenes

      Director Maya Newell discusses the seven-year journey making the short documentary, The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone.

      13 Sep 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Summer Love: behind the scenes

      Co-creators, writers, producers and directors Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope discuss bringing a diverse group of voices together for the anthology series Summer Love.

      30 Aug 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • After the Verdict: behind the scenes

      Co-creators, writers and executive producers Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt discuss the joys of collaboration for their new drama series After The Verdict.

      16 Aug 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • 6 Festivals: behind the scenes

      Writer/director Macario de Souza recounts the insurmountable odds he and his team had to overcome to make the feature film 6 Festivals.

      29 Jul 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Mystery Road: Origin: behind the scenes

      Writer/director Dylan River talks about creating a new beginning for iconic TV detective Jay Swan for the new series Mystery Road: Origin.

      19 Jul 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Celebrating NAIDOC Week

      Captivating feature films and powerful documentaries – this showcase celebrates some of the recent productions supported by the First Nations Department.

      05 Jul 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Nude Tuesday: behind the scenes

      Writer/actor Jackie van Beek embraces nudity and a made-up language for her new comedy Nude Tuesday.

      05 Jul 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Thor: Love and Thunder: behind the scenes

      Writer/director Taika Waititi discusses his on-going inclusion of First Nations culture into his latest blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder.

      30 Jun 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • The Twelve: behind the scenes

      Set up director Daniel Nettheim discusses set design and diversity in casting for the new crime drama series The Twelve.

      23 Jun 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Scene Breakdown series

      From revealing creative insights to navigating on-set challenges, some of Australia’s top filmmakers explain their process behind the making of key scenes from a film or TV series.

      23 Jun 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
    • Elvis: behind the scenes

      The Elvis team discuss how they brought the larger-than-life legend to the big screen – all during a pandemic.

      20 Jun 2022
      By Matthew Jenkin
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